Donate to DADA

There are many ways that you can support and help us do more and we THANK YOU for your support! If you can’t make a donation, you can volunteer and find other ways of spreading the word.

Make a charitable donation

Donate online and get a charitable tax receipt (Charitable Number 847623055RR0001). Thanks to you can make a secure online donation with a credit card and get a charitable tax receipt automatically. SIMPLE!

Donate Now Through!

Donate your old car and get a tax receipt

If you know someone who has an old car that will be replaced, tell them that they can donate the car to a charity and get a tax receipt!

1) help the environment by getting the most polluting cars off the road;
2) while supporting a worthy cause or charity;
3) while getting free tow truck pickup to a local recycler; and
4) getting a tax receipt for your donation.

For more information visit

Donate your car to DADA & get a tax receipt.

Donate your old car to charity